Our Offer

We undertake on behalf of our Client to Manage the Whole Process:
  • Mutually Reach a “Win Win” Situation
  • Utilize Network of Contacts and Talent List
  • Conduct the Interviewing Process online
  • Evaluate & Screen Foreign Candidates
  • Check the Legal Requirements and Legislation
  • Update them on the Best External HR Practices
  • Narrow Down Time & Cost
For New Application (Manufacturing / Construction / Service)
We offer:
  • Free Counseling (1 year)
  • Free FOMEMA (Worth RM200.00)
  • Free IG/ FWCS (Worth RM150.00)
Please check it out with us for many more incentive offer.
*Terms & Condition Apply.
For New Application (Plantation / Textile Gourmet)
We offer:
  • Free Counseling (1 year)
  • Free Air Ticket (Interview at supplying country)
*Terms & Condition Apply.
Outsourcing Worker Offer
We offer Outsourcing Worker at very competitive rate, check it out.
Local Staffing and Professional Expatriate Offer
We offer wild range of local skill, semi-skill and general operation worker. We assist your company to recruit professional expatriate from foreign country.

Mission of eLand

To be recognized as the “Benchmark” and the “Preferred” Foreign Worker Services Provider, that is built on a platform of integrity, which establishes business values and ethics as the priority that guides all its dealings with Clients. eLand recognizes that the effective Recruitment, Hiring, Development and Management of People/workes will be the foundation stone of any successful organization.